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Thats Entertainment
The theme of the show will be “Let’s Entertain You” as all forms of entertainment will be displayed in this mind blowing spectacle. The show will be held together by a 5 piece band accompanied by 4 outstanding vocalists and 6 professional dancers. These musicians and performers have been carefully selected according to their speciality and although the show is a variety show it will still be intertwined with tribute aspects like Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Queen impersonators, among others. The musical repertoire will be varied and diverse and will be designed to appeal to everyone irrespective of culture or age. This however is not just a “music” show as there are various surprise aspects incorporated into the production, keeping the audience mesmerised and enabling the show to be transformed into a “Variety Show”. VARIETY ACTS CAN INCLUDE: (we can add more according to bud • A 3 piece B’Boy / breaker act who will enthrall audience with their street style dance moves such as toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. • 6 top South African dancers (3 girls and 3 guys) will be added into various stages of the show. Various dance styles will be displayed during the show which includes street dance, funk, adage, latin, Bollywood, African and acrobatics. • Special appearances will be made by a world class head spinner at various intervals during the show • An electrifying instrumental laser guitar feature which will also feature high powered laser fingers • A Proudly South African medley in the second half will incorporate a powerful pantsula / kwaito act led by kwaito vocalist TK! • A funky and colourful Bollywood medley featuring the Ash and Priyanka mash up will be included as well as a Bollywood Fusion dance act • In the encore medley the majority of the cast wi ll come together on stage to create an energetic and very visual end to this mind blowing show.

Disclaimer: Barnyard Events reserves the right to change any show content & cast members without prior notice.
Songs included in the repertoire:-

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