Beyond the Beat (Latin Theme)

Beyond the Beat is a new and exciting project co-produced by the Live Show Company and D&M Limitless.  This relevant and current production is a modern take on Latin, African and ballroom dancing. 

Beyond the Beat brings renewed energy, passion and enthusiasm to the stage. Top South African dancers from Rock of Ages, Evita, Burn the Floor and Dancing with the Stars have all given up their time to put together this new sensational show that will be enjoyed by all!  The show also features one or two dynamic vocalists.  

Beyond the Beat will take you on a journey through Cuban origins to the drums of Africa and music from famous SA artists. 

Experience a rollercoaster of emotions through fire-fuelled tangos, sizzling salsas and the glamour of ballroom - until you burst out of your seats and are left with your soul inspired by the cast’s exceptional talent.

The music in the show is also highly enjoyable with hits by Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Cabello, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Ricky Martin, and also includes hits by South African artists such as Lady Zamar, Miriam Makeba and Mango Groove.  

Beyond the Beat is the perfect show for year-end functions and other events!